World Summit AI 2022

World Summit AI

The World Summit AI has become a leading event for the global artificial intelligence community, focusing on cutting-edge AI solutions and hot AI topics. Past events have forged a global AI agenda. Standard tickets, excluding local taxes, cost EUR1,099, while a startup ticket costs EUR229, or EUR1,099 if you’re a start-up. There are also discounts for multi-event passes and group rates available.

Plenary sessions

At the World Summit AI 2022, you will meet the global AI ecosystem in Amsterdam, the European AI hub. This event brings together experts from universities and large companies to discuss the latest innovations in AI. Speakers include EVPs, CTOs, heads of AI departments, and Ph.D. candidates. You will also hear from academics and get involved in the world of AI through workshops and knowledge sharing.

At this one-day event, experts from different sectors and areas will present their work. Topics will include data science, machine learning, robotics, and ambient intelligence. Expert talks and presentations will cover these topics and more. Attending one of these events will provide you with valuable insights into the future of AI. There are also opportunities to network with colleagues. Some of the most innovative startups will share their research and showcase their work.

The AIM 2022 event will feature two plenary speakers and technical sessions organized into three tracks. The panel discussion will address the challenges and opportunities of applying AI to materials R&D. Participants will learn how to make the most of AI and other AI technologies. The event will also feature the LeanIX Connect Conference, an annual meeting for leaders in AI and business transformation. It will feature more than two hundred speakers, and more than three thousand attendees.

Several panels at the Summit will address the ethical use of AI. One session will discuss ethical AI methodologies, communication practices, hiring data scientists, and legal considerations. In another panel, the chief scientists of Intel and NASA will discuss responsible AI in a panel setting. Afterward, they will discuss how to implement ethical AI in their own organizations. They will also share examples of various federal initiatives. The panel is intended to inspire action among government and business leaders.

Another conference is the ICBDLT. These conferences are designed to bring together the various stakeholders from various sectors to discuss the latest AI developments. The main conference will feature more than 80 speakers from more than thirty countries. The program will also feature panels on business innovation and energy industry applications. And if you’d like to learn more about the conference’s theme, there’s likely to be a plenary session that is relevant to your work.

Masterclass sessions

AI and Big Data are rapidly advancing, with real AI applications on display at the AI & Big Data Expo 2022. This two-day event brings together world-class experts in AI and ML to discuss practical applications and challenges. Participants will gain insight into cutting-edge techniques for analyzing big data, implementing anti-Covid measures, and enhancing interpretability of data. World leaders in AI will lead the Masterclass sessions and address these topics.

AI Business is organizing the conference. In its fourth year, the event brings together over two hundred experts and solution providers in the AI space. The event also includes a series of workshops, knowledge-sharing, and entertainment. World Summit AI is an ideal place to learn about the latest developments and discuss AI with current and future clients. For this reason, AI Business is bringing together a diverse group of experts and solution providers in two concurrent streams.

In order to leverage AI, companies must evolve and adopt new ways of working. AI-infused automation can transform the way businesses work, reduce cost, and enhance efficiency. The financial sector has faced continuous disruption and is primed for this trend. AI-infused hyper-automation will be explored in this session. A data-led approach will help businesses build trust and unlock new uses for high-value AI. If you’re ready to learn more about AI and its applications, register for a free preview of AI Masterclass sessions.

The AI Masterclass sessions are held in London in conjunction with The AI Summit London. Attendees of AI Masterclass sessions can also access the conference’s networking events and an insane line-up of tech heavyweights. The speakers at the AI Masterclass sessions all have extensive experience in real-world AI implementation, and include Calum Chace, best-selling author of four books on AI, and Daniel Hulme, the founder of Satalia, London’s largest independent AI consulting firm. Satalia uses innovative AI techniques to solve difficult problems for multinationals.

This event focuses on key elements of industrial transformation, and will bring together some of the world’s most influential minds. It will also feature cutting-edge research and development programmes. The four-day event will begin with an intensive conference on machine learning, and will feature talks from representatives of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and IBM. The event is filled with cutting-edge AI and machine learning knowledge. There is something for everyone at this conference!


The World Summit AI in Montreal will be organized by Inspired Minds and feature a diverse community of academics, corporate leaders, and industry influencers. Attendees will include big tech companies, academics, investors, and entrepreneurs working on the most challenging AI challenges. The AI Omnichannel includes peer group discussions, masterclasses, and 121 meetings. In addition to plenary sessions, the conference will also feature several workshops and masterclasses, which will help attendees learn and develop their own AI solutions.

This two-day event will feature keynote speakers and table-talks on topics ranging from machine learning and AI to consumer internet, anti-Covid measures, and more. As one of the world’s largest AI conferences, the Big Data Analytics Summit will feature 500+ attendees and 20+ industry experts. With this event, business leaders from across the globe can discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence, and make valuable connections.

In addition to the keynote presentations, the conference will include an exhibition. The exhibition area will feature the latest developments in conversational AI. AI for Good is an ongoing year-round movement that connects problem-solvers with innovative AI solutions. The conference is organized by the International Association of Pattern Recognition and 40 UN Sister Agencies, with Switzerland as a co-convening country. At the World Summit AI 2022, industry experts will share the latest AI research and discuss the future of the AI industry.

Game-theory can be used to help AI develop new skills and adapt to changing environments. AI for playing games, for example, is an application of game theory. Multi-agent systems (MAS) and other AI technologies are examples of game-theory applications. Ultimately, the goal of World Summit AI is to make the world a better place for all its citizens and businesses. And AI for gaming will continue to become more important in our society, so it is important to bring the best of both worlds to the event.

In addition to the conference itself, the Data + AI Summit will bring together industry leaders and innovators. These speakers include Ali Ghodsi, the co-founder of Databricks, Matei Zaharia, the founder of Girls Who Code, and Peter Norvig, creator of Data Mesh. The official mobile app is designed to help attendees navigate the event. All participants can sign in with their registration credentials to gain access to conference content.

Discount for sustainable travel

The organizers of the World Summit AI have announced a 20% discount for those who use sustainable transportation when buying their tickets. This discount is only available for the first nine days of the conference, so register now. There are multiple tracks and verticals for the conference. To get the most out of the conference, you should consider attending the event as a group or with a large company. Ticket prices are listed on the website, and you can get a discount if you are a member of the Sustainable Transportation Association.

The event has also been organized by InspiredMinds!, a company that has partnered with the World Summit AI for years. This year’s event will be more environmentally friendly, with an Earth Points rewards program that will recognize community members who travel sustainably. The goal is not to make the event a Davos-style gathering, but to celebrate the talent and energy that AI brings to society.

Francis Trevino

Francis Trevino