The Denodo Data Architecture Singapore Conference

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The Denodo Data Architecture Singapore Conference

The Denodo Data Architecture Singapore Conference

Targeted to data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and data management professionals, this conference covers topics like multi-platform data architecture, self-service analytics and more. It also offers networking opportunities and vendor displays.

People and processes play a role in building efficient data architecture systems. For example, data analysts are responsible for cleaning and wrangling datasets.

What to Expect

As enterprises continue to build out their data architectures, they face a myriad of challenges. From managing sprawling data lakes to achieving business intelligence and analytics self-service, these organizations are trying to meet the ever-changing demands of their data ecosystems while maintaining security and compliance.

This complimentary virtual summit will provide attendees with the skills and insights they need to successfully implement modern data architectures that support BI and analytics programs. TDWI research analysts will provide clear views of important trends and developments, while expert speakers will share their own experiences.

-Apply systems engineering and systems architecture disciplines to support data strategy implementation and operations. -Define and drive enterprise-level data architecture standards and processes including metadata management, information governance, data security, and data interoperability. -Work closely with ERP and CDAO build/delivery teams to ensure that requirements and deliverables are met. -Assist with business process transformation and system development/ implementation activities in areas such as ERP, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Customer Relationship Management.


Modernize and automate your data architecture to shape a data-driven enterprise. Whether you want to simplify the model building process or support self-service data consumption, discover how a logical data fabric enables both with integrated end-to-end data management capabilities.

We’re in the earliest innings of this change in architecture, with new tools and standards emerging to support it. Watch for these to redefine the overall data landscape, as well as create new market categories and competitive moves by vendors.

Designed for CDAOs, CDOs, CAOs, CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs, the conference features keynotes on data-driven transformation, as well as a variety of sessions on topics including the platform as a product, generative AI, and security. Other sessions explore the leadership, governance and culture needed to create a successful data architecture, with industry tracks for financial services, insurance and retail/CPG industries. This in-person event includes networking mixers and vendor displays. Attendees can also participate in a separate virtual track.


Just as a building requires a strong framework to support its structure, a machine learning model needs a robust data architecture to support its accuracy and effectiveness. This class will explore what it means to architect information and how that relates to understanding.

People play many roles in creating efficient data architecture systems. For example, a financial institution might have information security analysts who ensure that the data they store is secure and meets compliance standards. They might also have data analysts who use a system to report on data and generate insights for managers. They work with the data engineer to make sure the datasets used for reporting are available in the central repository where they need to be.

TDWI conferences are a great place to learn how to build a data architecture that is flexible and scalable to support your strategic organizational outcomes. To find out more about these events, visit the TDWI website.

Networking Opportunities

Join us for the first time in Singapore, as we bring together industry professionals who have adopted the Denodo Platform to conquer their most critical data management challenges. Discover how they are using the logical approach to cloud modernization, self-service analytics, data science and ML, and data fabric and mesh to enable their organization’s business outcomes.

Hear from the leaders of some of Singapore’s most well-established organisations including Bank of Singapore, DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Keppel Corporation Limited and GovTech Singapore as they share how their organizations have implemented a flexible and scalable data architecture for faster Data Innovation and AI deployment.

Designed to be both inspirational and practical, the conference features panels on topics ranging from data driven transformation to the Data Platform as a Product and how generative AI empowers Data Leaders. Targeted at CDAOs, CDOs and Data Practitioners, the event includes networking opportunities and vendor displays. The virtual version of this event is available on demand for 30 days after the live stream.

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