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DevDays Europe 2023

If you’re a software developer who’s serious about staying up to date on tech advances, DevDays Europe 2023 is the conference for you. Here you can learn about emerging technologies from internationally recognized speakers and from your peers.

In 2023, DevDays and DevOps Pro will be held together for the first time, which means that two distinct communities will come together to share knowledge, network and learn. It’s great value – by registering for one conference, you get access to any of the sessions across both.


DevDays EUROPE 2023 is an event for developers to learn, share and develop with the help of experts. It brings together a community of developers, designers, project managers and IT specialists from all over the world.

The conference consists of a series of talks on different topics, including mobile app development, programming languages, UI/UX design, testing and security. Attendees can also choose from a range of workshops, conferences and parties.


One of the world’s largest Android developer conferences, Droidcon draws together the sector’s top minds to advance the system. The event boasts 90+ tech-y talks, codelabs, and innovative workshops that will help you to get your mobile apps on the right track.

For mobile app developers, a two-day conference filled with high-level technology presentations and professional networking is the best way to improve your productivity and boost your bottom line. Droidcon is one of the most prestigious events in the industry and a must attend for any serious Android enthusiast.


Devnexus is a premier conference for professional software developers who seek to gain insights from internationally-acclaimed presenters and technologists, while connecting with their peers in a range of relevant technologies.

Founded in 2004 by the Atlanta Java Users Group as Atlanta DevCon and restarted in 2009 under the moniker Devnexus, the event will bring in 2000+ attendees for a three-day experience that includes an optional full-day of hands-on workshops, followed by two days of presentations and live demonstrations on the industry’s hottest topics.

The event offers 15 concurrent technology tracks and 150+ individual sessions that will help attendees delve deeper into technologies that interest them. The conference will also offer a wealth of networking opportunities with top speakers, sponsors, and other attendees.


DevTernity is one of the top 3 international software development conferences in Europe. It focuses on the key skills needed to excel in senior engineering roles, such as code design, software architecture and leadership.

It is an excellent event for all kinds of tech people – developers, managers and software architects alike. World-class speakers during presentations and workshops, active networking and a whole bag of great people to meet during breaks.

JavaScript Conference

Whether you are a JavaScript developer or just interested in this programming language, a conference is a great place to get the latest updates on JavaScript and to network with other developers. These conferences often include hands-on workshops and opportunities for project collaborations that will allow you to learn from other coders.

There are many different JavaScript conferences around the world that can help you get the information you need. However, it is important to choose the right one for you. It should have speakers that fit your interests and needs. It should also be held in a location where you will be comfortable.

Women in Tech

Women are often underrepresented in tech, especially in leadership positions. The lack of support and opportunities to advance in their careers can make it difficult for women to pursue their goals.

There are many ways to connect with other women in your industry and learn from experts who are passionate about promoting diversity in technology. Some conferences are focused on one specific area of the industry, while others offer educational workshops and mentoring opportunities that can be applied across a variety of job functions and industries.

For instance, the Black Women Tech Talk conference is a retreat designed for female founders that includes keynote speakers, self-care sessions and other one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries and learn about self-care and balancing your personal life with your career.

Data Expo

Data Expo 2023 will take place from 26-27 September at RAI in Amsterdam and is dedicated to next generation technologies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data. This event aims to explore how AI & Big Data is changing industries including manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal sectors, financial services, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare, and retail.

Thousands of enterprise technology professionals from around the world will gather at this AI & Big Data Expo to discover new innovations, strategies and implementations that will drive forward their business. Attendees will include CTO’s, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers & Start-Up’s and more!

Francis Trevino

Francis Trevino