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DevOpsDays Seattle

DevOpsDays Seattle

In case you have not yet attended a devopsdays conference, you should check out what is in store for you. It’s an annual event held in Washington, D.C. and this year’s Seattle location is a great place to start! In addition to community-focused talks and workshops, you can enjoy a breakfast and lunch buffet as well as all-day refreshments. You can also attend sessions led by global core team members.

Community-focused conference

The emphasis of DevOpsDays conferences is on the community, and Seattle’s event was no exception. Attendees had an opportunity to attend talks in the main track, browse the sponsor showcase, and come up with ideas for the open space track. At the beginning of the conference, attendees put up post-it notes highlighting discussion topics. After voting, they were asked to give an overview of their ideas on the main stage.

The agenda will be packed with sessions covering emerging technical and architectural practices and new technologies. There will also be opportunities for networking and learning. This community-focused conference is perfect for Operations professionals as well as developers. Attendees can discuss everything from DevOps to distributed systems. They will be able to get the inside track on the latest technologies. The conference will feature dozens of speakers, so they’re sure to find something that suits their needs.

Breakfast and lunch buffet

As part of the conference registration, all participants are entitled to a full breakfast and lunch buffet. This includes all-day refreshments and happy hour. Please note that a limited number of tickets are available for happy hour. Further details will be provided closer to the conference. For more information, visit If you are planning to attend, please register early. The breakfast and lunch buffets will be provided on both days.

All-day refreshments

Attendees can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and all-day refreshments during the conference. Breakfast and lunch are included in the cost of registration. There are also plenty of coffee and other beverages available throughout the conference. For those unsure of whether they can attend, the organisers can contact you. All-day refreshments at DevOpsDays Seattle are included in the registration fee.

Sessions by global core team

There are many benefits of attending devopsdays events. Besides getting to know other people and learning new things, these conferences also provide ample networking opportunities. If you attend these events, make sure you take notes and do not be shy to approach people you meet. The core organizers will be happy to answer your questions, but please remember not to drink too much. If you are not an alcoholic, you may want to pass on the drinks.

There are 50 speakers, and curated sessions by the global core team will give you the inside scoop on how to improve your software delivery process. Sessions will also include practical advice from experts in software development and DevOps, such as the best practices for agile teams. Session themes will be centered around software engineering and architecture, and a mix of keynotes and breakout sessions will provide plenty of useful information for your company.

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