CloudFest – The World’s Number One Internet Infrastructure Event

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CloudFest – The World’s Number One Internet Infrastructure Event


CloudFest is the world’s number one internet infrastructure event, connecting the global cloud computing industry. At CloudFest, you’ll form partnerships that help you reach your business goals and have a great time doing it!

At CloudFest, you’ll also have a chance to learn from some of the most inspiring people in the world. From renowned artists to leading tech experts, CloudFest delivers a unique experience for everyone who attends.


CloudFest brings together the world’s most successful cloud computing and internet infrastructure professionals. You’ll make new connections, deepen knowledge and enjoy the best parties in the industry while you form partnerships that help you reach your business goals.

You’ll also find a vibrant Web Pro Creative Hub, which is the perfect place for collaboration and skill-sharing. Amusement park rides, main and breakout sessions and big parties round out the event space.

You’ll be at the heart of a global hotbed of innovation and imagination. And because we run both our events parallel to NamesCon Global, the world’s #1 domain name event, your networking opportunities are sure to expand beyond expectations.


Every year, CloudFest brings together a global community of cloud computing experts and technologists to explore new technologies, solutions, and ideas. Attendees are able to learn from top-flight keynote speakers, participate in hands-on labs and technical training sessions, and network with peers and luminaries.

The hosting and cloud ecosystem is undergoing rapid change. As a result, security has become an issue that service providers are focused on addressing swiftly and effectively.

As the number of cyber threats continues to grow, providers are racing to deploy new security solutions to mitigate risk and protect their customers’ business assets. This is a trend that is becoming increasingly common across the industry and one that is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

At CloudFest, attendees can also connect with fellow professionals through Sectigo’s daily 15-30 minute podcasts. These radio broadcasts offer a preview of the day’s events, music, shoutouts, and discussion topics.


CloudFest is one of the most important events for the hosting and cloud community. It brings strategists, service providers, software experts and hardware specialists together.

In recent years, the show has been shifting to embrace more cloud-focused technologies. It’s a trend that could see widespread adoption among hosting communities.

There was also a new focus on sustainability. Many service providers are now committed to reducing their energy use.

Another hot topic: security. Cyber threats are increasing, and hosting and cloud providers are racing to deploy comprehensive security solutions to protect their customers’ data.

The event’s keynotes were packed with useful insights. One was led by Andy Simpson, the principal data scientist at Verisign. He discussed how domain names can be used in new customer engagement strategies. Guests heard from other expert speakers, including NewVoiceMedia CEO Jonathan Gale. He outlined the company’s latest product innovations, including Conversation Analyzer. Businesses using the solution can better understand and analyze customer conversations to drive business outcomes.


CloudFest is the world’s number one cloud computing conference, where like-minded thinkers and visionaries collaborate to shape the future of the internet. It attracts more than 7,000 visitors, leaders and professionals from the hosting and internet infrastructure space for an exciting week of keynotes, breakout sessions, high-spirit networking events and more!

Aside from inspiring top-flight speakers, CloudFest is also a fantastic opportunity to network with potential partners and customers. The face-to-face experience is often the best way to build trust, make connections and secure new business opportunities.

For example, during the day’s keynote session on customer success, Gainsight Chief Customer Officer Allison Pickens will give attendees tips and tricks to deliver the types of experiences customers have come to expect. She’ll also discuss how to use the power of data to connect all your customer’s activity with the right person, across channels, from first touchpoint until resolution. This is an important step to optimizing customer success – which in turn impacts how investors evaluate your business.

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